Your protection,
our business

Wopta Assicurazioni is the first Italian phygital insurtech that, thanks to a digital platform and a network of tied specialists throughout the Country, was created to protect artisans, SMEs and professionals from everyday risks.

Because we know that your company is part of you and that you would do anything to protect it.

Wopta. We protect who you are


We want to give you more than an insurance policy
We always want to be close to you
And we will be with you when you need it the most

You have a claim?
You will have as a gift the renewal of the policy!
You have an injury or an illness?
You will be refunded the premium paid!
You want to optimize your outflows?
You can pay the premium in monthly installments without any premium increase

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Concrete and convenient,
tailored to offer you the right protection

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Wopta for you

Artisans & SMEs

The protection for your business: simple, convenient, right for you

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Wopta for you


The solution that protects your earnings in case of accident or illness