Wopta. Proteggiamo chi sei

Wopta Assicurazioni is a Managing General Agent (MGA) focused on the protection of artisans, SMEs and professionals.

We want to help you recognizing risks and building the right protection for you, your employees, your assets and your business.

This is why we design, together with Insurers, innovative, complete, concrete and simple insurance solutions, tailored for your needs.

We are always close to you, both in person, with our network of tied specialists throughout Italy, and our simple and innovative digital platform.

professionista con gli strumenti del suo lavoro: laptop, smartphone, cartella portadocumenti, bloc notes e penna

Why choose Wopta?

The right protection

We understand you and we know the risks you run in everyday life. We are able to build insurance solutions tailored to your needs, to protect what you really need

Simple and concrete

We know you have a lot to do and we want to steal you as little time as possible. Through our simple and innovative insurtech platform, few data are needed to get a concrete and transparent protection proposal

Close to you

We are digital and innovative, but we believe that no technology can replace human relationships. For you we are always there, even in person, with our network of collaborators ready to help you